W/c 5th October - This week in Willow class we have been learning comparing different amounts in maths and have been using the language of 'more', 'fewer' and 'equal to'.

W/c 28th September - This week in Willow class we have been learning to find 1 more than a number of objects.


W/c 14th September - Willow class have enjoyed settling into school and exploring their classroom and outside area. The mud kitchen has been particularly popular!

Academic Year 2019/20

W/c 9th March - In Willow class this week we have been examining and sorting different materials. We talked about their properties and sorted them into 'hard' and 'soft'.


W/c 24th February - After reading and writing about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Willow class made their own porridge this week. 

W/c 3rd February - In maths this week we have been learning to count back to subtract. We put some people on our bus and counted back as some of them got off at the bus stop to see how many were left.


W/c 20th January - In RE this week we learnt about the boy Jesus in the temple and how his mum and dad thought he was lost and went looking for him. We talked about times when we have been lost and drew happy faces on the interactive Whiteboard for how we felt when we were found again!

W/c 9th December - In Willow Class this week we have been using scales to compare the different weight of objects. We have weighed different items in our classroom and also the parcels in our Post Office.

W/c 11th November - This week we have been learning how to make numbers in different ways. We made 9 by putting spots on a ladybird and changed the number of spots on each side to find different number bonds to 9.

W/c 14th October - In Willow class this week as part of our understanding of the world, we went on a hunt for signs of Autumn in our outdoor environment. We also linked this to our RE theme this term of a Christian view of the creation of the world. 

W/c 27th September - In Willow class this week we have been practising our mark-making skills using chalk pens on a clear painting screen.