Pupil Premium


Schools are allocated additional funding called a Pupil Premium according to the number of pupils in receipt of free school meals.

It is a requirement for schools to report on how they have spent their Pupil Premium and the impact of this.

St Augustine’s allocation 2016/2017 was £21,720 and in 2017/2018 is £25,080.

At St Augustine’s the pupil premium has been used to support families with costs for school trips including the residential trip.

 The allocation for 2016/17 was further spent on raising the quality of teaching through training days, enhancing classrooms with proof reading areas and training in maths interventions.

To support children’s self-esteem, funding was used to train staff to deliver Forest School and the associated resources needed.

To support children’s progress in reading and writing, Pupil Premium funding was used to fund 1:1 teaching, support the library system, purchase quality texts and ICT equipment to orally rehearse sentences before writing.

The impact has been that 68% of children eligible for pupil premium are making good progress in maths, 58% in reading and 68% in writing.

The allocation for 2017/2018 will be used to further increase progress in reading and writing by providing staff training, introducing Clicker 7 and ‘Accelerated Reader’.

Children will be supported to reach age expectations in maths by providing staff training and delivering targeted intervention programmes.

Pupils will be supported to be resilient in test situations by taking part in NFER tests, termly.

Individual support for children will be arranged following regular pupil progress meetings. 



Pupil Premium Statement October 2020