W/c 20th June - In History we have been learning about Sumerian soldiers and how these to compare to Roman, Greek and Anglo Saxon soldiers.

W/c 23rd May - In Maths this week, Oak have been learning about properties of triangles.

W/c 3rd May - This week we began our preparation for writing a report on the Globe Theatre by gathering information from various sources.

W/c 25th April - In English we have begun our new class book 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret'. We have also started to watch the film and gathered vocabulary to re-tell the scenes to prepare for creating our own stories.

W/c 4th April - In Design & Technology Oak Class have been making a cam mechanism. The children used the tools to saw their blocks and drill holes in their shafts, cranks and sliders.

W/c 28th March - This week in Geography we have been learning about the rock cycle. We have also been examining soil samples and preparing an experiment comparing soil from around the school grounds.

W/c 21st March - This week in Literacy we have been revisiting the different kinds of pronouns and the children have been creating their own revision guides.

W/c 14th February - This week Oak class shared the poems they had created for their Refugee topic work, having been inspired by those written by Michael Rosen.

W/c 7th February - Oak class's Maths Fluency this week included adding fractions with different denominators. 

W/c 31st January - In World Views we have been looking at how Christians follow Jesus's work as a healer. We have researched the Leprosy Mission and links to Jesus' teaching.

W/c 17th January - In PHSE we are looking at digital media and in particular, how manipulating images could set unrealistic expectations for consumers/followers.

W/c 3rd January - This term we are looking at the challenges Refugees face. we imagined ourselves having to leave our homes suddenly and making the long journey to safety with all the obstacles that might hinder us. We went through our own 'Border Control' where some children were allowed through and others weren't.