W/c 12th October - Oak class have been introduced to French verbs this week, beginning with 'to have' (avoir).

W/c 5th October - This week Oak class had a practical refresher of adding fractions. We know that when adding fractions with different denominators we have to find the lowest multiple first.

W/c 28th September - This week in Literacy we have been examining procedural text and its composition in order to create our own set of instructions linked to our text 'The Terrible Thing to Happen to Barnaby Brocket'.

W/c 21st September - Oak class have been learning about soil and what it is made up of. They discovered how many years it takes for rocks to erode and plant matter to decay to form parts of the soil.

 W/c 14th September - In Geography this week, Oak class have been learning about Brazil. The children identified key landmarks as well as learning about population and foods that come from Brazil.

Academic Year 2019/20

W/c 2nd March - This week in History Oak class have been learning about the city of Benin during the year 1601.

 W/c 24th February - This week Oak have been sharing ideas in preparation  for their assessed write based on the book we have been reading called 'The Flood'.

W/c 20th January - This week oak spent some time in Science investigating what soil is made of . A few surprising discoveries were made in the process!

W/c 6th January - This week in Literacy Oak Class have been developing their ideas in preparation  for their Assessed Write.

W/c 16th December - This week, in Literacy Oak Class have been editing their write up on their trip to Newhaven Fort.

W/c 25th November - During Guided Reading this week, Oak have been learning about the Battle of Britain and discussing what they have learned. 

W/c 7th October - this week we have been finding multiples and common multiples of numbers.