W/c 5th October - Elm class are learning to play the recorder. We are learning to 'tongue' by whispering down the recorder and play the rhythm.

W/c 28th September - Elm Class looked at how electricity is made and which appliances require the use of battery or mains.

W/c 14th September - This week we have been looking at all the different things relating to maths that we could find on the playground.

Academic Year 2019/20

W/c 9th March - During 'Bring a Grown up to School' Week, Elm class have been learning to measure accurately.

W/c 3rd February - Elm class have been investigating what happens to a shadow if the light source is moved closer or further away.

W/c 16th December - Elm class spent some of the last week putting the finishing touches to their World War II information books.


W/c 18th November - This week Elm class learnt about water resistance. They conducted research to establish what the best shape was to reduce the effects of water resistance.

W/c 21st October - This week Elm Class created a massive adverb map to help them with their writing. they seemed to be very pleased with their efforts!

W/c 7th October - This week in Geography Year 3 used their knowledge of settlements to plan their own town.

W/c 16th September - Elm class learnt how to count in French this week.