W/c 20th June - This week Beech class worked with their Maths Buddies. We showed care drawing the hands on the clocks  to show quarter hours.

W/c 6th June - In Science this week, Beech class have been learning about the human body and have been labelling the different body parts.


W/c 23rd May - Beech class have been creating their own printing blocks this week, inspired by the story "The Fox and the Star".

W/c 9th May - This week Beech class have been learning why Mitzvah is important to Jewish people. We decided who to give our money to and who we would help and why.

W/c 3rd May - In Beech class this week, Year 1 learnt about using pictograms to represent data. We created our own giant pictogram on the playground using chalks.

W/c 21st March - In Maths this week, Year 2 have been learning to divide when there is a remainder.

W/c 14th March - This week Beech Class made a Wildlife Haven in our Role Play area and created animals and items to go in there.

W/c 7th March - This week the Year 1's have been learning how to print in Art.

W/c 28th February - This week in Beech class we have been learning to divide through sharing  as well as using our Times Tables.

W/c 24th January - This week in Beech class we have been looking at the artist and illustrator Charlie Mackesy. We then applied our new knowledge of different types of line to sketch a hedgehog.

W/c 17th January - We have been learning about Diamante poems this week in English and have written our own.

W/c 10th January - This week in History we have been learning about Charles Darwin and what makes him a significant individual. We became naturalists and went to explore our outside area  for new species of plants and animals.

W/c 3rd January - This week in Beech Class we have been learning about blues music and practiced playing our instruments to the song ‘How Blue can You Get’ by B.B. King.