W/c 12th October  - In RE Beech class learnt that Jewish families eat apple dipped in honey and pomegranate seeds to celebrate their New Year (Rosh Hashanah).

W/c 5th October - In Beech class this week we have been making amounts using Numicon and different coins

W/c 7th September - This week Beech class used straw, sticks and bricks to build a house for the Three Little Pigs.

Academic Year 2019/20

W/c 24th February - This week we have been learning about why Christians pray to God before eating and the bible story 'Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand'. We shared some food together and looked at different ways to say grace to God.

W/c 6th January - This week we have been continuing our work on division. we have been dividing  into groups using arrays and numberlines.

W/c 16th December - Beech class have been learning to share/divide and make connections  between multiplication and division.

W/c 18th November - This week we have been learning to group objects and then  count them in groups. For example, counting in 10s then 1s.

W/c 14th October - This week in Beech class, we have been learning to use a saw safely to cut an axel for their bus.

W/c 7th October - In maths this week we have been adding 2 numbers together. Some of us have been working practically with 1-digit numbers and others have started looking at written  methods for 2-digit numbers.