W/c 14th October - This week in Beech class, we have been learning to use a saw safely to cut an axel for their bus.

W/c 7th October - In maths this week we have been adding 2 numbers together. Some of us have been working practically with 1-digit numbers and others have started looking at written  methods for 2-digit numbers.

W/c 16th September - Beech class this week have designed and made their own new deck for the 100 Decker Bus. We thought what the deck might need such as a swimming pool, bed or garden.

W/c 9th September - This week in maths we have been making numbers using different resources and looking at what each digit is worth in a two digit number. 

W/c 3rd September - Beech class created where the 100 Decker bus might go using construction kits and drawing ready for their writing. 



W/c 8th July - In maths this week Beech class have learnt to name, describe and sort shapes. The Year 2's made 2D shapes out of straws and described the corners.